Malt Flour 1kg

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A light brown, naturally diastatic flour, milled from malted barley, with a light malty flavour and aroma.


  • 100% pure malted barley for a healthy, nutritious, wholesome appeal
  • Natural diastatic activity helps break complex sugars and starches to simple sugars for yeast fermentation in doughs
  • Low fat
  • Natural and unique malt flavor
  • Natural, Kosher, Halaal and non-GMO for a clean label
  • Product of South African origin
  • Produced in a FSSC 22000 certified factory

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  1. The Natural Diastatic activity of malt flour aids in the production fermented bakery products such as breads, rolls, speciality breads by improving volume and proofing times
  2. Improves the crust and crumb colour of fermented bakery products
  3. Improves colour and texture of crackers

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