Rolkem Concentrate 10ml

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Rolkem Concentrate 10ml

Highly concentrated natural pigment colouring powder.

Powdered and liquid Food Colorings’/Glitter Usage

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Until such point as our suppliers can provide proof of Food Grade Certificates we do not recommend these products for use as Edible in your baking and decorating.These products are labeled as ‘Non Toxic’ and as such do not have a Food Grade Certificate. They are recommended for decorative purposes only and not for consumption.

This water-soluble product mixes well with fondant (Plastic Icing), modeling paste, Royal Icing, butter icing, Cocoa Butter, Ethanol, and with Rolkem Quick Dry Essence.

All colours, tones and shades of colours can be created by using these colours. This product can be mixed directly into chocolate after it has been diluted with any edible liquid.

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