A Book About Bread

A Book About Bread


 By Adam Robinson & Roger Jardine


If you have never baked a loaf of bread or mixed a dough, this book is probably not for you. If, on the other hand, you have touched into the world of breads and want to know more about the process and how to tackle the supposedly mysterious world of sourdoughs, then this is written for you. The Hows are illustrated and the Whys explained.


The Glenwood Bakery

This small bakery opened tentatively in 2013. As the years have passed, the quantity, variety and quality of the offerings has improved. It concentrates on a slow fermentation process for its breads including many sourdoughs. Grains and flour are sourced from local mills as far as possible. Its small cafe acts as both a shop and a showpiece for the breads.


Adam Robinson

Adam started cooking in restaurants in 1981, mostly in London, occasionally in France. He opened his first restaurant in 1991 and since 1993 he has always baked bread in-house.  The Glenwood Bakery is his first bakery, which he opened with his wife, Dr Carin Robinson, while she completed PhD.

Roger Jardine

Roger is a photographer and Graphic Designer who has frequented the bakery since the day it opened. The bakery is a few blocks from his home so he walks there with his wife Sonya and daughters, Edie and Hope. They've stopped walking their dog biscuit to the bakery because she's a bit rogue.